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What is Mindfulness?

Nourishing a Way of Being

There are several attitudes essential to the nurturing of mindfulness. Every human being has these but they can be covered over by our past and current experiences and the busyness of our lives.


However, these attitudes can be nourished by the practice of mindfulness, like watering seeds.


These are: trust, non-striving, beginner’s mind, curiosity, letting go, acceptance, kindness and patience and noticing the mind’s tendency to judge and criticize. Noticing and labelling the mind’s tendency to get caught up in the content of our minds is one of the key practices.

With mindfulness life can feel more balanced.

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There is an increasing body of research that shows that Mindfulness-Based approaches are effective in the areas of depression, anxiety, stress (including work related stress), psychosis, prejudice, eating difficulties, substance misuse, relationship difficulties and a range of physical health conditions such as chronic pain, diabetes, epilepsy and cardiac problems.


Evidence shows that Mindfulness-Based practices increase activity in a number of brain regions including those involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, improved decision making, enhanced creativity and perspective taking.